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The Purposeful Planning Institute (“PPI”) attracts individuals and firms who believe there is a better way, a better process, a better practice lying just ahead of us and that our past experiences and knowledge are merely a prelude to our finest hours in service to our clients.  It is the most affordable and easily accessible educational and training platform for advisors to HNW and UHNW clients.  PPI offers great value through our easily accessible educational content, programs, and training for financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals and consultants serving families of wealth and families in business. 



PPI offers weekly teleconferences and webinars with thought leaders and industry innovators discussing innovative breakthroughs and research in the realms of wealth management, business succession and exit planning, family wealth transitions, legacy and financial planning, and exciting new vistas around personal growth, professional development and collaboration. PPI is also the exclusive home for conversations around the keys and paradigms of Purposeful Planning and Purposeful Trusts and Gifts.




2014 PPC Rendezvous

Register today! The 2015 Rendezvous will take place Wednesday, August 5th – Friday, August 7th, 2015. The Rendezvous is a premier event that offers one-of-a-kind learning and networking opportunities for PPI Members & guests. This event will bring together professionals representing more than 20 disciplines for two days of collaborative dialogue, keynotes, and breakout sessions centered on best practices for legacy families and families in business.





The Fusion Collaboration is a new symposium for attorneys, CFPs, CLUs, CPAs, family business consultants, trustees and wealth managers who want to stay current with technical topics and gain awareness of best practices for individual and family flourishing. Fusion Collaboration will showcase the benefits of fusing the hard and soft sides of Estate Planning and Wealth Management in a setting which intentionally creates opportunities for collaboration and networking.





The Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) offers workshops on the Seven Keys of Purposeful Trusts & Gifts for attorneys, financial and philanthropic advisors, trust professionals and wealth planning strategists. These workshops range from one hour overviews to half-day Primers. Many professionals are combining one of our workshops with our once-a-month one hour Purposeful Trusts & Gifts Mastery Series virtual training and coaching.






Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI) Collaboratories are forming across the U.S. and Canada. PPI members are forming regional Collaboratories (chapters) that are hubs for networking, sharing of ideas and best practices, and forming professional alliances and collaborations. The Northern California Collaboratory is PPI’s first chapter, formed in response to feedback at the 2013 PPI Annual Rendezvous.





Innovation Learning BlogIf you want innovation you need innovators. Innovators are people who can imagine and bring into existence what has not previously existed. So where are you going to find them and should you be looking for a particular age demographic? Many people confuse innovation with technological innovation.





In the News

John A Warnick

John Warnick, founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute, which takes the focus off maximizing the tax-free transfer of wealth to heirs and puts it on the transfer of values, along with money. Credit Kevin Moloney for The New York Times

Focusing on the Human Element of Estate Planning, New York Times (Nov. 7, 2014)


PPI Teleconferences & Webinars

Tuesday, July 28th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Mag or Min—Which Are You? Two Patterns of Decision-making That Make You Who You Are
Thomas J. Schur, MSW, LCSW-R, ACSW, LMFT, Instructor, Syracuse University

Tuesday, August 4th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
--No Session Today--

Tuesday, August 11th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self-Reflection to Help Their Clients
Gary J. Friedman,  Co-Founder, The Center for Understanding in Conflict (formerly the Center for Mediation in Law)

Tuesday, August 18th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Lead:  An Adventure in Multidisciplinary Family Enterprise Advising
Karen Laprade, GDCR, CFWA, ACFBA, FEA, Kyle Harrison, MBA, CFA, FEA, Sally Dennis, B.A. (Oxon-Law), L.L.M, L.L.B, LEAD Family Enterprise Advisors

Tuesday, August 25th
Noon ET (60 Minutes)
Relationship Intelligence: How Do You Attend to What Really Matters?
Chris Venn, Partner, The Legacy Companies

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